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Land of Adventure

See more of East Portland, Gresham, Troutdale, and the surrounding areas on bike. Iconic scenery, waterfalls, and world-class cycling abound. From endless road biking routes, and the ever popular and park-like Springwater Corridor Trail urban bicycling route to destination mountain biking trails at Sandy Ridge, this green, water wonderland is a playground for all kinds of pedalers. And don’t forget the Columbia Gorge and Mt. Hood!


Find Your Ride

Two-wheeled adventures for all ages and all abilities in East Multnomah County await (or one-wheeled, three-wheeled, or however many wheels you have and can pedal, kick, or push). These rides have been charted and thoroughly ground-tested. Use the tabs below to find rides that work for you.

Plan Your Trip! As you consider the rides available here in East Multnomah County, be sure to look at restaurants, lodging, and points of interest.

What does “Family Friendly” mean? Families, bar hopper, café hopper, shoppers on two wheels, wants to enjoy the sun and the outdoors. May rent the bike they use to see the area at a leisurely pace. May do 1 mile or 10 miles. See cycling as a fun alternative to transportation on a vacation.

Fairview Trail

Gresham-Fairview Trail

Wind through the 12-foot wide, 5.2-mile of trail experiencing urban wetlands and neighborhoods. The north end of the trail starts north of Halsey Street, and travels south with safe passage over Powell Boulevard on the 177-foot pedestrian bridge connecting to the Springwater Corridor at the south end of the trail.

The Gresham-Fairview Trail will eventually link the Springwater Trail, 40-Mile Loop at Marine Drive, MAX Trail, I-84 multi-use path, Columbia Slough Trail, and Salish Ponds Trail.

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Springwater Trail Corridor

The Springwater Trail Corridor stretches from Boring through Gresham to Portland. From Linneman Station in Gresham west to downtown Portland is 16.5-miles. The corridor is home to dozens of species of plants and wildlife as it follows many of the contours of the 26-mile long Johnson Creek.

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Salish Ponds | Fairview OR

Downtown Gresham to Pond de Lakes

This ride travels through many of Gresham’s green spaces while riding mostly on quiet roads and car-free bike paths. Along this ride, you will see ponds, lakes, wetlands, and the Columbia River — and you may even see some wildlife such as herons, deer, or muskrats. Ride to Pond de Lake and back for a 12-mile ride, or take ride to Blue Lake Park and back for a 23-mile ride.

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What does “Road Riding” mean? Road enthusiast, “roadie”, wants challenging climbs and fast descents. Weekend warrior who wants big miles on smooth and clean pavement.

Nursery Road ride

The Nursery Ride

You can understand why Oregon is one of the top three nursery producing states in the US as you cycle this rural and scenic 25-mile loop through acres and acres of small family-owned nurseries — shadowed by views of Mt. Hood. There’s lots of amenities along this ride too, including a trip into Sandy. For your last 10 miles, head north winding along Bluff Road. Make your final stop at Jonsrud View Point for a panoramic view of Mt. Hood and the Sandy River at its base.
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dodge park

Dodge Park Ride

If you’re looking for a peaceful, yet challenging ride, this 26.7-mile road ride is yours for the taking. This route takes you on country roads riddled with nurseries and views of Mt. Hood. Stop at Dodge Park 10 miles into your ride for a picnic lunch. Plan on stocking up on food and drinks in Gresham since there are no provisions as you head farther east. Watch for a fantastic descent to the Sandy River that ends with a roll across the Lusted Road Bridge right before you enter Dodge Park.
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40-mile bicycle loop | Portland, Gresham, Troutdale

40-Mile Loop

Gresham Main City Park has free day-use parking that make a great start for this ride. Covers all five quadrants of Portland, Great Columbia, and East County of Portland — as well as 50% bike path! The trail connects parks along the Columbia, Sandy, and Willamette Rivers and Johnson Creek in an almost continuous loop. It’s a must-do ride.
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Two Rivers and a Creek

This 30-mile loop takes a scenic tour of four different bike paths including a route around the Troutdale Airport, and a long, scenic stretch along the Columbia River Trail and the Springwater Trail Corridor. The expansive views along the Columbia makes this an enjoyable loop. Be sure to keep an eye out for the ospreys—and you may even see one catch a fish.
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North Portland to Larch Mountain Ride

North Portland to Larch Mountain

A classic Larch Mountain route with two fun explorations thrown in for good measure. A few miles of backroads on your way down the mountain, and a splendid side trip on new paths. And, a piece of the 40-mile Loop lets you avoid the mess around I-84.
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Bridge of the Gods Ride | Columbia Gorge

Bridge of the Gods

Start this ride in East County of Portland, Oregon for 83.7 miles or start and end in Troutdale, Oregon for a vacation ride. Ride along the Columbia River, following the Gorge where you’ll pass quiet trickling streams and numerous waterfalls, including the famous Multnomah Falls, before reaching the Bridge of the Gods in Cascade Locks, Oregon. Cross over the bridge to Washington State where you’ll then follow the Columbia River again — but on the Washington side.
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What does “Mountain Biking” mean? Mountain biking is a segment of cycling that offers up the option to achieve just a little bit higher of an adrenaline rush. Mountain biking can be done in the woods, in the desert, on groomed trails, at a local pump track or even at indoor facilities that offer year round options. And there are still many variations including cross country, technical, and downhill. Either way, if you are a mountain biker, you are someone looking to push the envelope and experience the rush!

Mountain Bike Powell Butte | East Multnomah Gresham

Powell Butte Nature Park

Powell Butte Nature Park is an extinct volcano and Portland’s second largest park after Forest Park in Portland. On clear days, five mountains can be seen from the park. It includes over nine miles of trails that are suitable for mountain biking. As you ride through the park, please remember it’s a shared-use trail system; bikes yield to pedestrians and horses. Wet trails are easily damaged by bike tires, so please do not ride the trails when muddy.

The park is home to many birds of prey with its open meadows, groves of wild hawthorn trees and forested slopes of Western Red Cedar, and wetlands near Johnson Creek.

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Sandy Ridge Trail

The Sandy Ridge Trail system provides trail opportunities specifically designed for mountain bikers. Located on a ridge just west of Mt. Hood and above the Sandy River, the trail system winds through typical Western Oregon forest of Douglas fir, Western hemlock, and Western redcedar.

The Sandy Ridge trail offers over 15 miles of single-track trail ranging from beginner flow trails to narrow technical trails with exposure to the foothills of the Cascade Range. The trail system was designed and built with the intention of providing a high-quality mountain biking experience.

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What does “Gravel / Adventurer” mean?  Gravel grinder, fat tire biker, bike camper, and bike touring. Wants no traffic roads where pavement is boring. Wants quiet, peace, low-stress riding where you can feel lost, but know you aren’t and the latest technology isn’t necessarily the best technology.

Abbott Barlow Pioneer Trail | Bike Ride

Abbot Barlow Pioneer Trails

A fantastic and remote route skirting several wilderness areas, grand views of Mt. Hood, and miles of backroads. Route varies from pavement to gravel roads to very old and rough 4×4 trails. Plenty of camping options are available to break the ride into several days or one day for the truly epic advernturer.

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Larch Mt. Alex Barr Rd | Corbett OR

Larch via Alex Barr Plus Bull Run

Here’s an extremely challenging ride that offers cyclists the option of exploring the Women’s Forum, Vista House for incredible photo opportunities, hiking and viewing Latourell Falls, and getting off the beaten path by taking the backside approach to Larch Mountain via Alex Barr Road. Be sure you’re ready before turning onto to the gravel of Alex Barr Road. It’s a doozy of a climb up to Larch Mountain! And, oh wait there is more! Refuel in Corbett for more adventures as you and your mates enter into the Bull Run area. The lush green paradise is actually a watershed that provides drinking water to some 900,000 Oregonians! This 72-mile ride is sure to bring adventure to each cyclist in your group in one way or another. Photo from

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Sandy to Lolo Pass to Lost Lake

Make your way to Sandy, Oregon via our mass transit system (see sidebar). Navigate your way out of Sandy, winding alongside the Sandy River and picturesque small farms. Tall trees and wildflowers line the road. Cows mill about in the pastures. And every viewpoint shows hills that seem to roll forever. On Lolo Pass take in the spectacular views and even more when you reach Lost Lake — ultimately ending in Hood River, Oregon. This ride is 98 miles long — and one of the best if you want to experience in Oregon!

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Bike Safety, Clubs and Races

We’re here to help you be safe and find that ride or race. Oregon is THE place to visit for a bike ride or race. Stay with us once you find that ride that suits your fancy!

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East Multnomah County is served by a very robust, bike-friendly mass transit system, from planes, light rail, to buses.

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About East Multnomah Cycling Hub

The East Multnomah Cycling Hub encompasses the cities of Gresham, Fairview, Wood Village, Troutdale, and the rural communities of Springdale and Corbett. Only a 20-minute commute from downtown Portland, East Multnomah County feels a thousand miles away, and offers incredible resources for biking and cycling, including miles of road biking and bike trails.

Here, you can become immersed in the world of the Cascades, smitten by green pastures and rolling farmland, or awed by the primordial forces that carved the Gorge and forged the landscape. Here, we work to sustain our nature so the generations that follow can appreciate what drew us here too. If you’re interested in biking and cycling on the road or on bike trails, come on out!